New Year’s Day joys

January 2, 2022

Snoozing for a bit on New Year’s Eve could of course not happen without Mitsy being there with us. Suzi was in deep sleep downstairs, but Mitsy follows us around the house, wherever we go. You may find us corny, but we had the TV on the ‘Fireplace’-channel, just to create a nice atmosphere and Mitsy decided that it was good enough for a nice little cat-nap!

There was more to come on New Year’s Day and this time Suzi was the object of Mitsy’s affection. She has been on a mission to get closer to her feline companion since she noticed her in the house. But Suzi, being the scaredy-pants that she is, was always very stand-offish. Nevertheless, she follows Mitsy around the house now. And sometimes sneaks up to the former cat room and even sits on the cat tree in front of the window! Mitsy was sleeping downstairs so it was the world upside down!

Suzi tends to be a bit more playful as well, these days, though in a much lower gear than Suzi, who is after all a lot younger. Which means she sleeps deeper during her naps. Mitsy is finding out that a sleepy Suzi is much easier to approach than an awake one. So today, as we were just ambling around in the living room, she decided to jump up the sofa with Suzi… We both held our breath and watch! Mitsy simply sat down and looked at her. Suzi had no clue…

Then Suzi woke up and the two of them were eye-to-eye and Mitsy even put her nose right in Suzi’s face. We could have sworn she wanted to groom her, but that turned out to be too much for Suzi who first hissed and then quickly gave a big eye blink. As if to signal: “Hey, it’s OK, just stay away from my face!”. Mitsy withdrew but stayed on the sofa…

(Image is a bit more grainy because it was taken with the iPhone… it still shows the moment!)

We are in awe of these moments. It seems Mitsy now understands that she needs to go slow with Suzi and we can see she respects her boundaries – most of the time. Sometimes she gets impatient, seeks Suzi out, and taps her with her paw, claws withdrawn. As if to say: “Come on, let’s play!”. In the meantime, we hugely enjoy her jumping on sofa on the seat in the middle. It is hard to believe this is the same cat that did all she could to keep us at a distance, a mere 5 months ago… We are thankful for her progress and enjoy every step of the journey!