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  • Sunday morning musings at the bay window

    Sunday, April 28

    Sometimes you have to make yourself take time off and just… sit and do nothing! I did just that today. A fresh cup of Tumeric Latte, a cat in my lap and letting my eyes rest on the fresh greens of the willow and maples in front of our house, the Forsythia in your little front yard and the quiet Sunday morning street. It may have been raining with no sun to be seen, but it was oh so restful.

    Since this last Wednesday, Mitsy got the run of the entire house (creepy basement excluded…). She very confidently and quickly came down the stairs as soon as the cat gate opened. It was almost as if she expected them to lead to the well-known finished basement in the previous house. When she saw a completely different space, it was fascinating to see her map it out. First, she did the parameter of all downstairs rooms. She meowed loudly a couple of times, but when we walked with her, it seemed to put her mind at ease. She kept walking around for a couple of hours. Finding the two bay windows pretty quickly, sitting here, jumping on this, that and the other piece of furniture and then rinse and repeat. The first two nights we closed the gates to keep her confined upstairs. We did not want to get her into mischief.

    But the next morning, she was extremely quick and off she went, down the stairs again. She now found the second set of stairs in the back of the house and seemed a bit surprised that it led her back to the upstairs area. Where she did NOT want to be. Almost as if she had been waiting impatiently to see the rest of the house. The old cat nook upstairs is now no longer her primary hang-out. It may become my reading nook instead, one of these days.

    And now, a few days later, she seems to really like the downstairs area. Especially the bay windows, where she has a 180 view of the surroundings. She is fascinated by the squirrels in our trees – weirdly enough, we barely saw them in our previous house, that was nevertheless in a more remote location.

    We did notice that Mitsy was quite restless. Strange sounds can still easily freak her out and because we are still busy with chores in and around the house, she did not get the attention she is used to. So today was the day to remedy that and what a difference it made. After eating some fresh cat grass, she retreated in her bed and took a good long nap.

    She is clearly more tired than before. All the new impressions are a lot to process, and we suspect she did expect to find Suzi in the house. But she is an only cat now. We are all worn out by the end of the day, and find ourselves in bed early. Which means we are up early in the morning as well. And that is what brought about today’s almost meditative start of my day, comfortably nestled in the bay window in the good company of Mitsy and the as of yet still unnamed new teddy bear I found in an antique store…

    Wishing you all a serene start of the new week. May spring find us soon – we are almost there!

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