A warm welcome to this storybook blog!

This website is about art, travel, cats and lots of other stuff. From today’s day and from yonder years…

Our lives are like a suitcase filled with stories and experiences. My husband and I currently live in beautiful Canada, in the large province of Ontario. We are originally from The Netherlands and Belgium, and after years of traveling we have found a home on the North American continent. For us, a home would not be a home without cats; many of our feline friends have traveled the world with us. A lot of pages on this website are dedicated to many of them. But do keep checking back to read new stories about my art and my adventures all over the globe and do let us know what you think – we love reading your feedback! The big top menu will help you navigate all there is on this website….

My art in a local Ontario show!

Local Mississauga artist Bob Arrigo had kindly invited me to come along and participate in a “Art in the Garden” art show. I loved the idea and I accepted. See the details in the poster – I hope to see many of your there. If you are interested in finding out more about my art (through-the-lens and painting), navigate to the art section of this website.

Coming soon:

My art at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Center

Mid June the annual member show will open at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Center in the Milton (Ontario) area. Check back on this page to see when the opening reception is planned and what will be the current exhibition visiting times.