Monthly Archives: July 2023

Jet-lagged and injured :(

July 29, 2023 After spending some time in Europe to be a part of my moms 88th birthday, I have now returned to Canada and jet-lag is hitting me hard. It does not help that I have an over-exertion injury to my right shoulder (impingement of a tendon, ouch) that prevents me from getting any new paintings done… Read More »

How to transform a sheep into a shepherd…

July 3, 2023 If you follow my blog (bowing head in gratitude if you do…) you will have noticed some posts about the ‘Unflappable sheep’. It was a painting based on an old photograph I once took in the north of Scotland, featuring, you got it: a Scottish sheep. The backdrop was a castle at the edge of… Read More »

Chicken fight!

June 30, 2023 Almost Canada Day over here (tomorrow, July 1) and Independence Day at our American neighbours (July 4), so I will start with wishing you all wonderful, sunny, peaceful and enjoyable holidays! Oh how I struggled with this new painting! It started with a good base and I was happy to be able to depict the… Read More »