Frequently Asked Questions

Do you acccept commissions?

I do, but…

As an artist who is only just starting to show work in shows and exhibitions, I am in the process of developing a portfolio. There are often not enough hours in a day to create new material. However, feel free to contact me via the Contact page on this website, if there is a special reason for wanting an original artwork. Or reach out to me on my Facebook page. Very often, and if possible, I will come to meet the subject of the art and do my own photography on premise, so that I have enough reference materials. Like I say elsewhere on this website: my art is intensely personal, so having a face-to-face and even photo session will be part of the process. And because I want to do a good job for the odd commission I accept, I don’t tend to give you a deadline for completion. It might be one week, it might be a month. It will take as long as it takes…

What are the prices for your artwork?

Prices can vary enormously based on a number of criteria. If the work is framed and ready to hang, the price will be higher. Most of the framed work is in a closed frame, if you wish to change the frame to your own, my regular ‘frame-person’ will extract the artwork. It is up to you to take the bare original to your own preferred framer, or work with mine.

If an original is out of your financial reach, we can always talk about having it professionally printed by my art-printer. This can be on canvas, and it will come to you ready to hang. Or it can be printed and framed on art paper in a ready to hang contemporary frame.

By the way: a photograph or Photoshop project can be printed on art paper or on canvas. Depending on what is on the image and depending on the final printing size, both art paper and canvas will work really well.

Why is there no phone number on your website, so I can reach you?

My primary and preferred contact method is email. The simple reason is that it is less intrusive than a telephone call. Also, it allows you to be precise about your question or comment and I can take the time to absorb it before I reply. But I will always send you a reply. My art after all is: intensely personal!