The stories of my lifetime

When I have to pick my birth year from one of those website lists these days, I have to really browse down far… When I say it out loud, my age is starting to sound foreign… It is only in looking back that I suddenly realise how many milestones I have carved out of the still growing tree of my life.

In the stories on these pages I will be reminiscing about moments I still remember with clarity, as if they happened yesterday. Some might require parental guidance 🙂 (and no, there is no nudity involved…). Some may be entertaining and some just tell a tale. I have included many of my photographs to help you visualise what I am talking about You can each story with the links below or by using the side menu to navigate. Check back on this page because there will be more stories…

I hope you enjoy them!

How I could have been a juvenile delinquent…

My first (and only!) time in a jail cell

An impressive trip in former ‘iron curtain’ Romania

The Nepalese ‘talisman’

How I was almost sold for camels in Morocco’s desert…

The little horse that lived

Yibi’s story

Finding the longtail chick in Bermuda

Below are the links to some fun videos of Canadian suburbia…


Sir-Skunkie-stinks-a-lot does little dance

Flying and dancing bunnies

Raccoon reign of terror