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  • I see, I see, a scenery

    July 13, 2024

    It feels so good to be back at painting! And much to my own surprise, it is a landscape. Or should I say: ice-scape? It is my take on what happened this winter in Port Stanley, a charming little village a stone’s throw from our house, at the edge of Lake Erie.

    It was a perfect storm, with extreme low temperatures, a strong south-western wind that caused the lake to seriously churn and slosh. Each high wave, threw a sandy spray on the structure of the Pier and something like this was the result. Everything was covered in yellow and grey layer of ice. I myself clearly saw a human figure, perhaps a dancer, in the structures. What do you see?

    The painting, fresh from the brush, still on my backboard

    The colours of the sky were those of an impending sunset, while the storm raged on. It was a really fun project to work on!

    Is there more?

    There sure is! I am working on one new portrait and chewing on the exercise project for my summer mentoring. It is pretty hard, so it was nice to work on the ‘Port’ painting as well, for a bit of distraction. I am kind of surprised to find how much fun it is to do a landscape. And in this week’s super hot temperatures, I even felt as if all of the ice structures helped keep me cool!

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