Monthly Archives: October 2022

A match made in heaven…

October 22, 2022 Sometimes things are just meant to be. Recently, after completing two intense portrait paintings, I relaxed my muscles and worked on a fun little project shown in the screenshot below. And this week I found the perfect frame for it! The 12/16″ acrylic painting is based on a couple of reference pictures by my friend… Read More »

A new portrait… Dr Edith Eger

October 9, 2022 I don’t typically paint ‘celebreties’. But I have made an exception for this fabulous 95-year young (!) survivor of the Holocaust by the name of Dr. Edith Eger. I am currently participating in a beta version of her new self-development course and I am quite taken with this very special child of the Universe. As… Read More »

‘The moody monk’

October 5, 2022 High time to show you one of the pieces I have been working on recently: ‘The Moody Monk’. This painting is based on an experience during a trekking through the Himalaya in Nepal. It was 1992 and I had decided that I wanted to do something extreme to keep life interesting 🙂 I chose a… Read More »