It is pouring art..

It was pouring art in my yard this Canada weekend – literally! Pouring paint has become really popular recently. The results are often abstract, which is fairly new for me. So I need your help to find out what it is that YOU see in these two new artworks… so that I can come up with proper titles…… Read More »

Unanticipated art-harmony with new minis

In the last few days I felt like doing some small projects. I am getting ready for a new large wildlife portrait of a feathered friend. So I decided to get my brushes wet with some small bird projects and practice for it. My photo archive contains so many bird photographs, that I had trouble choosing. But once… Read More »

I have a studio cat!

I recently vacuumed and organised my artspace, so that I would have a clean start after my recent artshow. Now the studio was safe again for the cats. They love to come to the basement, but I hardly ever see them. No idea what they are up to. But today was different. Suzi, our ginger cat, stayed upstairs,… Read More »

The lost crab

This week Google presented me with ‘a memory’ and it was of a picture I took some years ago at low tide on a beach of the Atlantic coast. I remember that it was a cloudy day, a little bit glum, and I was the only one out there, because nobody seems to appreciate the even spread of… Read More »

A tough subject…

Some paintings flow naturally from my brushes, others engage me in a veritable struggle. A while ago someone suggested that I could use my extensive travel experiences as inspiration for paintings. It was a good idea and the first thing that came to mind was a scene I witnessed in Nepal. During my trek to Everest Basecamp, I… Read More »

Meet ‘His Majesty Humba’…

As promised, here is my recent painting, entitled ‘His Majesty’.I worked hard to get him ready to show before yesterday’s ‘Art in the Garden’ event opened in Mississauga. It was great to hear so many of the visitors and fellow creative souls compliment me on it. As all artists, I can be very critical of my work, but… Read More »

First post…

I am working on a new piece of art, which will get its first appearance at the Art in the Garden Show on Jun 4, 2022. You will have to wait until then if you are curious about it. All I will say is that it is a portrait….