Musings about children’s books…

March 17, 2023 I have always loved reading and collecting books. In particular children’s books. I still have a vast collection in storage in Europe, but I am preparing to have it all shipped to Canada later this year. It is time. It is like planning for a visit of good friends and I am looking forward to… Read More »

From a child’s imagination…

March 10, 2023 A friend of mine told me about a story that her young daughter came up with.It was so elaborate, that she is still contemplating making it into a small children’s book. She sent it to me and it inspired me to make a watercolour painting of the main figure. Meet Lali, the kind dragon, that… Read More »

Throw back Friday: black history month

Febuary 17, 2023 The coming weeks will be very busy for me and I won’t in all probability be able to work on my paintings. Don’t worry, I will be back in a couple of weeks. Or even sooner, when the creative spark hits me. More to be revealed soon but for now, let me leave you with… Read More »

Instant serenity

February 8, 2023 I consider my photography part of my artistic expression. I want to share with you this image of today, of the partially frozen surface of Lake Erie, in the area of Port Stanley. I would love to settle down there, one day.Big lakes and oceans always reward my visit with instant serenity. I don’t know… Read More »

The unflappable sheep

February 5, 2023 Here is my weekly Sunday scrum… Whatever comes, sheep are an unflappable lot. As long as there is something to munch on, they are content. Take that away from them, and they become restless. Scottish sheep are an attractive breed, both females and males adorned with horns. Here in Canada we can do with a… Read More »

Throwback Sunday…

January 29, 2022 As the snow keeps on coming down here in Canada, I find myself musing about my early portrait projects. I started out with water-colours in the early 2000nds. Although I enjoyed myself, it was not really my thing. Until I found out that water colour paint does not have to look… water-coloury per se! In… Read More »

Tinkering with frames

January 13, 2023 This little birdie was created this summer. It was a bit of an experiment and I like how the colours came out. It is painted on one of those small canvas boards and for the longest time I was musing about framing it. And then it came to me. I have some transparant plexiglass frames… Read More »

Toy nostalgia!

January 11, 2023 The other day, my eye rested on a much loved toy that I have had for quite some time. They say: paint or sketch what you are passionate about. Well, I have always been passionate about my plush animals! And this is one of them. Meet Piep! A real (by now: vintage) Steiff plush toy!… Read More »

An ode to the humble sketch

December 27, 2022 This is how it all began with my art: sketching. Since my childhood it runs like a river through my artistic activities. Researching a new subject always involves sketching. Sometimes of a single feature, sometimes to try out several points of view. It always gives me joy to bring out the charcoal pencils. When I… Read More »

How a snowman created the stars…

December 21, 2022 Once upon a time, there was a cute little snowman. He was a handsome fellow, with a black hat, an orange nose, stones for eyes and tree branches for arms. And because the weather was so frigid, he had also been adorned with a warm, orange scarf. The little kids who had built him right… Read More »