Monthly Archives: February 2023

Throw back Friday: black history month

Febuary 17, 2023 The coming weeks will be very busy for me and I won’t in all probability be able to work on my paintings. Don’t worry, I will be back in a couple of weeks. Or even sooner, when the creative spark hits me. More to be revealed soon but for now, let me leave you with… Read More »

Instant serenity

February 8, 2023 I consider my photography part of my artistic expression. I want to share with you this image of today, of the partially frozen surface of Lake Erie, in the area of Port Stanley. I would love to settle down there, one day.Big lakes and oceans always reward my visit with instant serenity. I don’t know… Read More »

The unflappable sheep

February 5, 2023 Here is my weekly Sunday scrum… Whatever comes, sheep are an unflappable lot. As long as there is something to munch on, they are content. Take that away from them, and they become restless. Scottish sheep are an attractive breed, both females and males adorned with horns. Here in Canada we can do with a… Read More »