Throw back Friday: black history month

Febuary 17, 2023

The coming weeks will be very busy for me and I won’t in all probability be able to work on my paintings. Don’t worry, I will be back in a couple of weeks. Or even sooner, when the creative spark hits me. More to be revealed soon but for now, let me leave you with a portrait that I worked on for the longest time.

It started out as a scribble, then an effort to paint the face, then a complete paint-over and ultimately it led to this portrait of an African tribesman. This was a process of omission: there were lots of warrior items surrounding him, but I was most fascinated by his facial features. Tinted skins are just lovely to paint and you’d be surprised to find how many shades of colour are present. There is no such thing as a black or brown skin. Which makes all of us equal, really. It all depends on the temperature of the light and other factors.

It seems appropriate to post this in the month of February, the month that is dedicated to black history. Enjoy!

Acrylic on mounted canvas, 16/20 inch, CAD 500

I will even throw in an extra ethnic portrait. This is a painting I created during an online course. It was really fun to work on this beautiful young lady, because of the amber light that was hitting her face. It is a small work of appr 14/11 inch. That is often the size of canvasses when I am trying out something new.

acrylic on board, 14/11 inch (not priced yet)