A feline frenzy!

If you are interested or involved with rescue or foster cats, then you are in the right spot!

When I started this blog, it was initially to document my journey of trapping a feral/unsocialised cat, now named Mitsy, in my neighborhood. I did not expect to be able to ‘keep’ her as an indoor cat after we looked after her very last litter, but it did happen and to this day my husband and I call this ‘a miracle’. Finding all the information we needed to bring the project to a good end took a lot of hard work and frankly even more near nervous break-downs. Dealing with a rescue cat that is used to human contact is a whole different thing than trying to handle a pregnant cat that does not want to be close to you…. But it worked and our previously feral is now a beloved member of our family.

If you are interested in reading the blogs (one is about the trapping and managing the birth of the 6-kitten litter; the other is about the road to the spaying nursery), go right ahead and enjoy our stories, photographs and videos. Keep in mind that all of them represent our personal experiences. We are not professionals – what we did worked for us. It may be completely different for you when you get involved in a similar undertaking.

Click any of the topics in the sidemenu to get started. Below is a short synopsis of the different pages, so you know where you will be landing.

My cat parade

This is the story of the many cats that have accompanied me in my life. Many of them now live on the Rainbow Bridge: I have never heard of this concept, but when my 20-year old senior Dixie passed, the organisation that cremated her, gave it to me. It can be a big source of comfort after saying farewell to your furry beloved…

Backyard stories

I often thought of setting up some security cameras in our dull suburban fenced-in back yard to check if anything was living there. It took the Mitsy-project to actually put into motion. We were rewarded with some really funny footage, that you will find on this page.

Tips and tricks for trapping and caring for feral/human-unfriendly cat

This section contains of many lists that you may find helpful if you ever have to set up a room for a pregnant feral cat. The things that made us most nervous in the entire project were the many small unknowns that we had to hunt the internet for to get answers. I hope that having them here on my website will help others in the same situation to get started with more confidence.

Mitsy’s blogs

Mitsy’s blog started as a live-blog, with new posts and pictures every day. After the kittens were adopted and Mitsy spayed, I started a secondary blog about the process of socialising her. Today’s day shows her as a cuddly, relaxed and very playful happy cat, so the merry conclusion is that socialisation is completed! With one remark: it is limited to my husband and me. She is still extremely afraid of other people and will hide when we have visitors.

Nursery blog: soon to come back

I am in the progress of redesiging the blog pages dedicated to Mitsy’s last litter and her socialisation. Check back on this page to find a link to the new pages. They will come soon!