Jet-lagged and injured :(

July 29, 2023

After spending some time in Europe to be a part of my moms 88th birthday, I have now returned to Canada and jet-lag is hitting me hard. It does not help that I have an over-exertion injury to my right shoulder (impingement of a tendon, ouch) that prevents me from getting any new paintings done right now. Beh!

Today, as I was soaking in the bathtub, I was staring at an old painting that is hung in the bathroom. It was one of the first acrylic works I made, I think it dates back to 2016. It was just for fun and the paint I used was not artist grade. That is why the original of this flamengo will never be for sale.

It was painted on one of those generic canvasses you find in certain big chain stores. And when you hold the back of the canvas up to the light, you can still see the image of a British phone booth underneath 🙂 It makes it a one of a kind, but nothing high-brow artsy that will ever make it to a gallery. I had a reproduction made that actually looks pretty good though and there is no phone booth to be seen. So if you like this and are tempted to hang it in your space, do let me know 🙂 The things you ponder while taking a bath in a jet-lagged state…

Let me leave you with some photographs of those typical Dutch cloudy skies that inspired so many of the old masters to take out their oils and paint it. It never stops to fascinate me, mother nature’s wonderful show of light and shapes. I would almost be tempted to try my hand at a landscape… But first I need to tend to my shoulder. Will keep you posted and in the meantime: enjoy the images in this post!

Not the same mill and not even the same time of the day, but I could imagine something similar based on my above photograph of the windmill of Etersheim.

The photograph below shows one of Holland’s dykes (to the right), that hopefully protect the houses right behind it from the waters of the Markermeer, if they continue to rise…
Above is a shot I took on top of that same dyke. It shows how close the lake really is. And this is not a natural lake either. The Markermeer is a 700 km2 (270 sq mi) lake in the central Netherlands. A shallow lake at 3 to 5 m in depth, matching the reclaimed land to its west, north-west and east it is named after the small former island, now peninsula, of Marken on its west shore.

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