Cuddle time

Day 121

Now that the cone is off and Mitsy is healing well, slowly but surely serenity comes back to our house. Mitsy sleeps in her cat room at night with the door closed, but during the day she roams the house freely. Some rooms remain closed, unless she is supervised.

She is clearly enjoying the world opening up to her. She is well aware of the existence of Suzi, our resident cat. And she is curious. There have been many close encounters, but no nose-to-nose yet. And that is fine. Suzi enjoys long naps, just like Mitsy, and often she is not really aware of the ‘new girl on the block’. And Mitsy takes itt easy. Sometimes you can see her make up her mind to meet Suzi and she walks right at her. But in the end she does not push it.

I was able to set up my phone tripod and film one of my recent cuddling sessions with Mitsy. After a day of activity all around the house she really enjoys being scratched and touched, even though I am still careful starting up a session like this. It is not always clear by how she looks at us whether she is in the right mood or not. But on this particular day, she started kneading with her paws before I even got started so I obliged joyfully!