Who needs humans?

Day 16

Yesterday – I did not write anything then – was a fairly quiet day. Wim was successful in refreshing food and litterbox without issues and Mitsy was friendly. We had some nice kitten presentations and also decided to attach the Heimlife camera to the Basement side door. It already gave us some great colour footage at eye level of mom and babies. The device is cheap and the app is not very good. It was hard to find out how to save the footage. But it was totally worth it. Like the Google Nest cameras, it films continuously and saves snapshots. Finding the footage you want to save is cumbersome but at least it has that option.

Later at night there was one of the tabby kittens that was out of the Nest, close to the litter box. I was getting a bit worried about it being there. Mom was in the Nest. So I decided to go downstairs and see if it was stuck in any way. I opened the side door, mom was looking at me through the air holes in the Nest, but did not seem alarmed, just alert. I fondled the kitten with my finger under its chin. It started hissing at me! Then it pawed me and tried to bite! No teeth, so it was just funny. If it has the energy to do this, I reckoned, it is healthy and fit and apparently just likes to lie around there. Mommy by then started to stick her head out of the Nest and hissed, so I retreated and not long after the kitten climbed back into the Nest by himself. Who needs humans, right?

(Screenshot from video, hence the play arrow, but this is not a video).
This shows the second crate, the Ensuite, to the left, it has been ready to go for a couple of days now and Mitsy, lying in the litter box in this picture, is well aware of its existence…