Room catcam installed

Day 47

Morning routine showed that Mitsy would have appreciated a pet, but Wim is not yet comfortable doing that yet. I will make up for that later today, when I keep them company for a bit, same as yesterday.

Mitsy was out of the crate much longer, yesterday. She lay down in the spare litter box first. Then went to the cat tree and lay down there for awhile. Studied the door to the walk-in closet. Stared at the window and the fan in front of it. Not much more. I hope that today she will do a bit more of that. It is clear that she does not hate the crate. It is a safe zone that she is used to. I will use some raw food to draw her out… She really loves that stuff.

I guess the only comment I have about that stuff is the size of the portions. One frozen portion looks like a really big hamburger patty. The instructions say that daily quantity must be 10% of the cat’s weight. I have no idea how much Mitsy weighs, I would say 8 pounds or thereabouts? So that is roughly 40 grams of the food per day. In order to measure that, you have to thaw the whole patty first. After which you have to feed it within 3 days maximum. So you will probably have leftovers that you will have to throw out. A bit strange. For now I am using it as a treat. Since we are still not sure that we will become her new owners, we cannot spoil her with just this food, because she won’t want to eat anything else. Already we are spending quite a bit on her and the kittens with the Royal Canin’s kitten slices in gravy and mother/kitten food. New owners might want to buy supermarket food instead of this pet-store bought food.

The new cat cam helps us keep an eye on the room. It works well and the cables are white and go up from the outlet to the camera above, that is fastened to the empty curtain supports. In the bottom of the image you can see Mitsy watching life outside through the window. The room actually looks like a mess in this picture and oh, how well our carpet has been laid. Not….

Today I found a good spot to install the cat cam that has the overview of most of the room. Now that that one is in place, it is easier and safer to leave them all alone and see what they do via the cat cam. When I am in the room, they all come out, Mitsy too, but you can just see that she feels more free to explore when I am not there. They were out of the crate most of the day and in the evening we locked them back in. Which is quite the job, you are juggling 6 kittens. You have 3 inside, and then 3 other come out and when you get those inside the first 3 are out again 🙂 It is a circus!