A comforting nudge from the universe

Day 82

As we are getting used to not having all of our little ones at home anymore, there are still moments that this new reality grabs us by the throat. Yesterday morning was such a moment. I just could not stop thinking about especially Kabiri, the leader of the pack and the most courageous of the 4 kittens that moved out.

As Wim and I were having a coffee I told him how I felt and tears were running. Just at that moment my phone chirped. And I saw a message from Ninth Life with some pictures, showing… Kabiri and 2 of our other little ones. It was like balm on the bruises in my heart. Kabiri has gathered up the courage to venture out of his condo and use the cat tree to climb down to ground zero and explore. He is still a bit nervous about it and hisses at the other cats he sees (who just go about their business without giving him any attention, apparently) but is is great to hear about this progress. I am sure Pumba will follow soon and then only Cheetah and Spooky have to follow along.

When I look at the twins that we still have here with momma Mitsy, one is usually the first to entertain something new and then not long after the other follows. So lets hope that this will also happen with our kittens. When they get to that stage, they will be much more at ease in their Condos and chances are that somebody will fall in love with them and adopt them. I pray for that daily. That they may find a wonderful family to bring the joy to them that they have always brought to us!

This text message, to me, felt like a comforting nudge from the Universe, to tell me: have faith, all is well…

In the meantime, I decided to remove one of the small carriers from our cat room. Especially Stipke has been sleeping in it, when we still had the whole family, and both of the twins have been playing in and on it. We still have our big airplane carrier in the room, so plenty of climbing opportunities left. The reason I removed it was to put it in the living room for Suzi to sniff. And she does. Not sure what she makes of it. We don’t see her upstairs much although I am sure she has been there to sniff the space under the door to the cat room. But it is a first step to let all of them get each other’s scent without a direct confrontation. That is still a few weeks off, I think.

Suzi spotting the carrier. This morning she sat on top of it and I have seen her enter it as well (the door has been removed).

I have no worries about the twins; they will be curious and they will probably hiss, because they have never ever seen a ginger cat in their life! But how to do this with mom is still unsure. We see that changes to the room are met with her retreating. The socialisation sort of plateaus and we need some days for her to adjust, before she is back to her friendly self. It is understandable. She has done really well with all the changes we have made over the past 12 weeks. But every one of them takes some time for her to adjust.