Fresh catnip: an introduction…

Day 64

The supermarket had fresh catnip plants so I bought some. For Suzi, our resident cat, and for the family.

Mitsy immediately and enthusiastically ripped off some leaves and put her face in the plant. The kittens that were aware of the plant also sniffed it but none of them was at all inclined to take a taste. They thought it was an interesting new ‘thing’ but did not eat from it. Mitsy, on the other hand, mellowed right out and even came to ask for a hug… so endearing!

Other than that, this looks to be a quiet day. The kittens were very playful this morning but after lunch everyone retired to their favourite place in the room to take a good long nap. The weather outside is gorgeous and we no longer have to chill the house with the AC to keep the cat room cool. It is ideal, because this means we can actually keep the window open for some fresh air. It is lovely.

This afternoon I had a good long play with all of them, and kittens were flying through the room like you would not believe! Especially Sipke is super fast. Cheetah is a bit slower and likes to be played with individually. I will see if the floor cameras (that we basically only use to locate the cats – they do not run continuously) were on. I might have gotten some nice footage. Spooky is out absolute jumping champion, none of the others does it the way she does. She should get a medal!