!! All kittens adopted !! Doing a little happy cat dance !!

Don’t cry because it is over,

Smile because it happened!

—Dr Seuss

Just now, while Mitsy is lounging on the floor of my office, I received word that our twins have found a new home… That means that all 6 of our kittens have now been adopted. There is no end to the gratitude I feel inside about this. To the Universe, to Ninth Life, to Pet Smart for participating in this charity and not least of all to the people who were willing to take our wonderful young ones in. I am filled with joy! Good thing we are still limited by Covid, or else these new families would have to deal with hugs from mister and missus Crazy Cat!!

This has become a project with the full range of imaginable emotions for me. It empowered me to do something good for Mitsy, a cat either lost or left by her previous owner. It gave me the satisfaction of a job well done, each time we had to improvise to create a solution to an unexpected circumstance. It gave me the simple joy of little kittens growing up and learning about feline living, without me having to lift a finger. It all happened naturally. It confirmed that my husband Wim and I are a solid team, working from equally loving hearts. And now that Mitsy is opening her heart to us, the process that is unfolding is beautiful to experience. And as hard as some of the moments in this project were, the goodbyes it included, gathering all of my courage to undertake certain changes, I feel it was worth it.

A message from the adopters

A week ago, when we were still tiptoeing around freshly spayed Mitsy, we received a wonderful message from the family that adopted Spooky and Cheetah. The girls were the first to move out of the rescue center, a week before Pumba and Kabiri were adopted. We recently received a photo of Spooky and Cheetah and I can see in their eyes that there is no more stress due to leaving Mitsy-mom and the new surroundings at the Adoption Centre. They are doing very well, loving their new home and… have now been joined by 2 other rescue cats – they will once more have 2 brothers! We are so so happy for our girls, that now even have new names that are as beautiful as they are!

Heart warming

It is great to hear back from adopting families, especially when you have spent so much time with the kittens. They had truly started to feel like ‘our kittens’. We first met Mitsy, then pregnant with a litter we never saw (if they even survived) in March of 2021. We then kept feeding her, trapped her early July and saw 6 kittens born only 3 days later. That is now four months ago. It seems like a lifetime! As they grew up, all kittens developed different characters. Spooky and Cheetah were both shy, but playing with them got them out of their shells.

My thanks goes to all families that were willing to adopt our furry friends. And my respect goes to all volunteers that are doing what we did with Mitsy. We were only first-time fosters with her, but there are many who went before us and that will come after us. There are many different ways to get involved. Fostering and adopting are just a few. If you have a soft spot for felines, young and/or adult, and if you have the space and the time, you can get involved in different ways too. See my post on this blog about the upcoming Pet Smart Adoption Week to find out more!

For now, I leave you with this picture of our Spooky and Cheetah in their new home. Lounging on what is now THEIR own sofa!

Thanks go to the adoptive parents that allowed me to post this happy picture!

From our Spooky and Cheetah baby album…

Greetings from mother Mitsy with this cute picture of her and she who used to be named Cheetah…
It took some time before we were able to photograph our brown tabby girl who used to be named Spooky, but here she is at a couple of weeks old… Because of her dark coat and limited available light in the basement birth shelter and not wanting to use flash I had to be very patient before I got this close-up.