A Daddy visit…

Day 14

I just went downstairs when I saw on the cat cam that Mitsy had finally retired to the Nest. Wanted to get the stinky litter box out. Getting it out needs to be done quickly. Getting the new one in now requires me to put it in, then close the door and push the box with a dowel to the back wall or else I will get attacked… Mitsy seems more protective right now. The kittens are still OK, they are oblivious. Have not been able to touch one again. They do react to sounds and lights though so it won’t be long before they will come to me, I am sure. Taking one of them out is not an option yet, because Mitsy is so darn protective right now. I am betting on the fact that she cannot be in six places at the same time, as they get older.

I repotted the cat grass and initially put it in the crate. She looked at it but did not come out. Then I took it out again and placed it close to the crate in the corner. I saw that she sniffed at it, but I am not sure she is interested. It might be ‘beneath’ her, being from the wild and all.

We wonder if this cat has any awareness of the fact that she is now able to just be a mom and not worry about food and that kind of stuff. I think she lives in the moment at all times and I also think she would much prefer to be outside. Sometimes I still feel bad about taking her freedom. But ultimately that is better for everything and by the time she gets out again, at least she can no longer reproduce.

Oh and talking about that: ‘Daddy’ came by. Luckily he is too big to fit under the fence door, that we have closed since we trapped Mitsy. But he came calling, marked the basement and even jumped into the window well! Not much to see at night with the lights off. I checked the cat cam at that time, but Mitsy did not react at all, so I am hoping it stays that way. I was saying to Wim last night that I hope she will not come into heat any time soon. There are no stimuli for her unless when that stupid Tomcat comes by during the day and the basement window open. We will close that window whenever we are leaving the house. I have to set a reminder for that. Will do that right now. There. Done.

See video tab for Daddy’s visit. Thankful that he was not spotted by Mitsy…