Photoshopping the tree

When we first spotted what became our cat tree, we figured it was much too big and high for our feline family of 7. I myself was thinking of kittens dropping to the floor and hanging by their nails and stuff like that. Wim made the decision to buy it while I was looking the other way in the pet store for a mere second it seems. It turns out his instinct to get this tree was spot on. It was a huge, and I mean, HUGE success.

First of all, it has plenty of surfaces where multiple cats and kittens can hang out.

They can just choose a shelf, they can relax in a hammock or hide in a little ‘bird-house’ kind of hide-away and they can proudly sit on the very top. When I was going through our photo archive of the past 4 months, it was funny to discover how all kittens had their individual preferences. Some slept solo in the hide-away or hammock. Others did communal sleeping on the shelves or the other components of the tree. They all flew up and down the structure at play-time and Mitsy enjoyed sleeping under cover of the first level. It is an awesome thing, this tree. According to the pet stores cat trees that are used intensely, will not last longer than 1 year. I thought “That’s not long!”, when she was telling me that. But now, looking at the state of the tree after only 3 months of use by 7 cats, I can understand where she was coming from.

Now that the kittens have found new homes, and Mitsy has healed from her surgery, she still has enough tree left for quite some time to come, I think. She enjoys all spaces and perhaps the only one that she opt out from is the hide-away. It really is kitten size more than fit for an adult cat. The roof of though, does attract her regulary, even though it requires that she makes herself as small as she can be…

I decided to use Photoshop to combine some of the cat tree pictures. Click in any of these to see them full screen. Enjoy the results!