Poop-talk (2)

Day 38

The carpet is coming tomorrow afternoon, so by Tuesday we will start trying to get Mitsy in the big carrier that she may or may not remember from outside, when we had it set up as a possible birthing shelter.

Wim thinks we can get the crates in the room in 10 minutes. I am less confident. The only thing I am confident about is that getting the kittens in a carrier will not be much of an issue. We will just cover up the crate. We might even use the Nest crate, which has their scent. When we cover it up they might just go to sleep. We will have to ‘store’ both in their own room though, because I think it will be upsetting for both to hear each other and not know where they are.

If push comes to shove we may open up crate one and then put them in there. That one has a door that we can close.

Then bring up crate two, push them together and then do the joining as we did before. I will just have to trust the process.

I was going to do last rounds tonight, and almost all kittens stormed to the litter box. Two pooped! That was a first! And it was Kabiri first and then Sipke to my surprise. I have not seen Kabiri eat but who knows, he might have been nibbling from mom’s food. Either that or his GI tract just is the first to start up. 

Mitsy looked as surprised as I was with the poop. She took a little sniff and I could have sworn that I saw her think: “WTF! I ain’t eating that no more!”

Public pooping: watch and learn!

I have often wondered how these kittens learn new things. Like, eating solids. And pooping and peeing in a litter box. Well, the answer is right in front of me as I am following this feline family via the cat cams. Have a look at the video below. I call it ‘Public Pooping’. The kittens are all watching Mitsy as she goes to work on a big turd. This was early August and it was not long after that we noticed the kittens trying to go to the bathroom in the same way. Kabiri and Pumba often cry out when they feel their bowels starting to move. Maybe, when they are just starting to do that, it can be a bit painful or weird to them. So good that they already understand what litter boxes are for though, thank the Universe for that 🙂

Maybe Pumba is not the eldest, maybe it was Kabiri. Both were born within the hour and both were big kittens, especially their heads. Sipke on the other hand, I think, was the last one out. But maybe I mixed them all up. Maybe the two blacks were first in, last out, in terms of conception. No, that is unlikely because Pumba was so big. He is also the one I have seen eating the most. So, maybe he was first (and shall then henceforth be known as Poop-ba…) Anyway…. it means they are all nicely on track with their development. They are happy, social and playful kittens that look healthy.