The play hour is the new routine!

Day 45

Wim did morning duty as usual and there is no way now that we can do that in-crate. Both Mitsy and Pumba are ready for breakfast and before long all ‘the little fillies’ are out and about. We made some improvements to the room so that the kittens can stay safe. I took the roof cover off both crates. Created a little carton ‘roof’ to make a bridge to the electrical plug. They are not yet interested in that part of the room. They are however scratching the wall at their own shadow, so I will put a cut down carton box there to protect the wall. Of all the things they want to play with…. 🙂

A couple of kittens have climbed the first level of the huge cat tree in the room but all were very cautious so that was still manageable.

As usual, it took a day, but Mitsy has now found out how to look out of the window. I think this must be fabulous cat TV for her. Seeing people, cars and dogs walk by while she is in a safe place!

They all have the energy of robots, hunting toys, running around, bumping into things, play fighting with each other, jumping and climbing.

Cheetah is a good name for one of the tabbies: he climbs like a monkey. I think he is the one to watch as a kitten that can get himself into trouble. He is a bit timid, but otherwise as easy to handle as the others. Kabiri is turning out to love cuddles. He had an itch so I used the fleacomb on him and there was no protest. He also still regularly drinks with Mitsy after play.

Pumba is a lean mean eating machine and when playing, his reflexes are really strong. He and Vampy are now basically the same size. Vampy quite suddenly has grown longer hair and that is how we think we can tell them apart. The remaining 2 mini tabbies are very much alike and I sometimes think I know who is Sipke, but than I see the other one and I get confused. They are both really small and look just like their mom.

I have not figured out their genders. I think we have more males than females…

While the kids were playing, Mitsy was in and out of the crate and although she keeps an eye on everything, there was no moment where we felt she was displeased. All the sounds that the kittens produce while playing are new to her too, but she seems to take it all in and be OK with it. She is a great mother!