A day of unrest

Mitsy is more and more restless and vocal today. Lots of crying lots of climbing the mesh of the crate, clawing the bottom of the crate, all blankies and covers scrunched up… it is hard to watch. I wonder if Mitsy will turn out to be one of those animals that just will never adjust to being held in captivity. It is so hard not to be able to just tell her that this is just going to be temporary, that it is in her best interest… Every time she cries, my heart hurts and I feel so guilty about keeping her here, in the basement! The crate that we named Basecamp is certainly not a bad place for her, everything she needs is there. Except freedom…

There is nothing we can do about it now. As evening arrives, she has had alternating times of great unrest and deep naps. I see a lot of movement in her stomach and I wonder if all of this is part of the birthing process. I can totally imagine, even if I am just a human, that upon the start of labour Mitsy might be getting frantic because she has a birthplace picked out and ready to go and now she cannot reach it… But maybe I am just humanising the story.

In the video you can see the kittens move in Mitsy’s stomach. First when she was sleeping under our AC unit, and after that while sleeping in her new Basecamp.