Changing the Basecamp towels

Day 27

The start of the day with Wim was very rewarding. He had some trouble to get at the food because Mitsy was sitting so close to the feeding bowls, obviously hungry. He is not as familiar with her as I am so he keeps his distance when he feels unsure of the situation. But eventually she moved. She got her 3rd dose of anti worm. We hope. We will do it tomorrow as well, as we are not sure she got much in her system on Monday. Did not want to eat much wet food on that day but filled up on dry food. He was then able to touch and lift several of the kittens and held them on his chest!

Nobody sleeps alone. The kittens love to sleep on top of each other. For warmth and company.

Later that day I tried to change the towels again. I sort of messed around with the side door locks as she was eating to see if she was sensitive to it. She was, but no hissing. So I kept on trying and then all the babies were out. I turned to the Ensuite and hung out with the babies for a bit and got the feeling that Mitsy was in the mood for some play. And she was! She was ‘on the ball’ and played for ten minutes or so.

In the meantime I had to keep my eyes on the babies as well, because they were on the move. I picked up several of them and managed to also set up the tripod video with the phone. I reckoned that they would all be tired after play and that Mitsy might have worked up a bigger appetite than she already had. I was right. So I tried to get at the towels in Basement again as she was munching. And it worked. She did see me do it. First I quickly took out the soiled one, then closed the door. Without locking. Then did the follow-up: There was no other way than to just aim and throw it in. It did not take her long to sit on it, but by then it was in and I was even able to straighten it, gloves on though, because you never know. So, job well done. She even ate a treat off my bare hand again afterwards.

Towards 3pm I saw on the cat cam that her food was almost gone, the wet food in particular, so I went and wanted to refill it but got a big hiss. She was lying on the clean litter box and I was probably too close for comfort, even though I said hello to her, so she knew I was there. I want her to eat as much as she needs, so after talking to her sternly (whoohaha, as if that works!) I decided to use the old feeding system: sliding it in the dish from the outside. She looked at it with a puzzled look in her eyes, as if to say: “THAT is weird, why are you doing that?” And then she left the litter box and went into Basecamp. So I was able to fill her bowl from the inside. Less chance of a mess, more to clean for me though, what with the soiled funnel!