Adoption event Ninth Life Cat Rescue Ontario

Day 59

Ninth Life Cat Rescue Ontario, the rescue group that has been guiding and helping us with our feral cat project, is getting ready for National Adoptathon Week. Check it out on their website:

Our kittens are health checked later this week and we will have a gender reveal as well, once that is done. So exciting to see if we got it right! We will keep on fostering them until they are 12 weeks old, which is the ideal age for adoption into a new forever family. We will not place them in Adoption Centres at PetSmart at this time, because they are still too young. And we also want to give ourselves the chance to prepare for the goodbye, which will be tearful I am sure… But if you are interested in giving one of our boys or girls (or better even: a pair of them) a new home, do contact us through the contact form on this website or the Ninth Life website so we can organise a meet and greet.

Ninth Life is also very active on Facebook:

If owning a pair of rescue cats is too much of a commitment, you can also offer up your time to foster kittens. It does not have to be a big a project as ours. Fostering kittens can be about one or two cats that need your care and love for a few weeks.. You can help them get used to household living, get them familiarised of regular sounds and sights. It is a very gratifying process, I can say that from personal experience. The love and fun these furry friends bring to a person’s life will brighten your day!

Sipke and Kabiri in their timeshare