Mitsy eats a treat from my hand!

Day 22

This afternoon, on impulse, I held out my hand to Mitsy with a treat and… she ate it! After she had eaten the treat, she came back to my hand and tried to eat more and I felt her teeth, but it was not to bite me; it was more like a tentative nibble. It did make me pull back and then she pulled back in response. She did not do it again, but I did hold out another treat to her later in the evening and it was close… she wanted to pick it from my hand, I held it still for several seconds. But she then picked it up from the ‘floor’, quite close to me.

Mitsy has a good mood today as she is napping with who we now know to be Cheetah

It seemed to me today that she was very affectionate. It gave me goose-bumps. I do realise that it may be that she is coming into heat. I hope not, but it is possible and cats tend to be very affectionate when that happens, but I have not heard the telltale meows for that to be true. Just don’t want to have expectations or hopes that are too big. But it was a great moment.

It makes me think, like so many times before, that I might be able to socialise her to the point that we can make her into an indoor cat.