A grumpy day

Today Mitsy was not in the mood to show us her kittens. I think she was a bit tired of it all. She hissed at both of us, from the Nest, when we came to see to her food. I saw the litter box was dirty and wanted to exchange it with a fresh one. She does not like it when I do, but it has to happen.

I watched the cat cam so I could chose the right moment, with her in the carrier, kittens suckling. Towards the evening there was an opportunity. Not long after… she pooped in the fresh litter. Can I really blame her? 🙂 So I was on the watch to change it again, as I had already cleaned the first box. I watched her for a bit and then went to bed. Before signing off, I watched her again and, darn, she was on the box again!

She sometimes sits in the box first and then goes to the pooping/peeing position but it takes a long time. Not sure if that means she is peeing or having trouble with pooping. It cannot be the latter because, man, did she produce some stinky ones today.

Most of the day was spent in the Nest or with the little ones in there and her in front of it.

We have to run the AC regularly now, because it is getting hot again, these days, after many days with storm and rain. So it might be that the temp is a bit too cold for the kittens.