Climbing the Nest

Day 25

According to Wim the morning was ordinary and quiet. He refreshed both litter boxes: one had poop, the other was very soiled in the bottom, probably pee. Which is good. So two clean boxes are ready for the day. Yay!

The inmates were ruling the asylum again earlier this morning: one kitten had climbed the Nest again and hung from one foreleg down the front 🙂 – Tarzan! It ended well (and will help it learn to retract its claws, maybe).

I went downstairs to open the windows and switch on all lights, to mimic that the day has started. Later, when I saw the kitten escapades, I put another small towel in that space behind the Nest door and also adjusted the safety pins that keep the cushion on the Nest in place. So there is minimal space to fall into. If that ever happens I hope we will spot it. Not a good time right now to be out for a full day, the two of us.

I am telling myself that all will remain well, that mom has things under control.

I went into the ensuite with my new phone tripod and shot some video. I gave mom a treat, but she did not eat it from my hand, it seems she does not do that when the kittens are suckling. I was extremely tempted to touch the back of her neck, but when she saw my hand so close by she hissed. So I guess we are not there yet. She was not angry, it was just a warning and she blinked reassuringly at me afterwards. Keeps me humble and makes clear where her boundaries are…

All is quiet now (11:30 am) and I think the big sleep has arrived. Mom is on one of the clean litter boxes, detaching, as I should too!