Communal sleeping at naptime

Day 67

After the busy morning and the afternoon snack, the cats were left to their naptime. I went for a bike ride to get some sun and when I came back checked the cameras to see if everyone was doing well. When I saw this entangled mass of cat bodies on the cams, I tried to do a bodycount, but could not. The cams are for observation rather than high resolution. I decided to open the door really quietly and sneak a peak…

Blurry view from the cat cam
All six kittens and mom present and accounted for… This is heaven for the kittens. And for me seeing it 🙂

Oh and lets not forget to mention this: Mitsy was super sweet today and when it was time for the afternoon snack, she was sort of not finding her bowl. Almost without thinking, I positioned her in front of her food and to do so I had to put my hands underneath her body and lift her. It was only afterwards that I realised that this was a huge big first. No protest, no negative reaction… she just let it happen and then started eating. Wow!