50 days!

Day 50

Wow, Day 50 in the life of the kittens… Seven weeks and one day. Which means we have only had Mitsy in the house for 54 days, that is not even 2 months. And we have made such incredible progress with her! And all 6 kittens as well. They are completely socialised, even the ones that are a bit more timid. And, incredibly, most of them are roughly the same visual size. We thought we would have at least 2 monstrosities, looking like little tigers: Pumba and Kabiri. But it turns out that we only have 2 mini kittens: Sipke and Stipke. They are very much alike and we can only tell them apart when we see them together. Sipke is the smaller one and probably female and Stipke is a bit heavier and probably a male…

Today, we saw on the cat cams that several kittens have discovered the window. That is a bit disconcerting, because we wonder how long it will take them to try and climb the obstacles we have built to keep them away from the window screen…. The day has been a bit cooler than the previous weeks as well, so we had the window open several times, to air out the room. We need to make very sure to never leave the room for any length of time with that window open or disasters can happen… On the cat cams it looked as if the kittens did not understand that the window is actually a barrier that you cannot get through 🙂

We also saw Mitsy in the window a lot of times and in early evening, when I spent some time with them, she even sort of sat down and napped a little bit sitting there. I think she enjoys the window but I also see her brain working. No idea whether she would like to get out or feels OK being locked in like this.

Today I also had to really scare one of the kittens, I think it was Kabiri, that was walking on top of the crate. He did not see me coming so I snatched him up suddenly and put him down on the ground. Let’s hope that teaches him a lesson. There is nothing of interest on top of the crate for them, except the carton that covers the camera cables. Where I don’t really want them to walk… Wim said that he also saw a kitten on top this morning, but he could not identify which one it was. A tabby, he said. We have 4 of those so take your pick…

Other than that it was kind of a serene day for me. I really enjoyed spending time with the lot, even though each time I see them scratch themselves, which happens occasionally, I am starting to imagine being itchy myself. Do they have fleas? Lice? Am I allergic to their hair or skin? We will know soon, after the health checks. I am refreshing the bedding and covers regularly, but once you get into your head that they might have some, you start to be itchy.

I have read that dog fleas and cat fleas do not like people and will not live on them, neither will they live on the pets. They suck some blood and then drop into the bedding until they are hungry again, in the meantime leaving their poop on the animals and their eggs on the bedding. I hope that will not happen in that room. Makes me look forward to the planned vet visit, so I can clean that room and do something about the biggest eyesore: the wavy carpet.

Are you itchy yet, by the way?