Kitten photoshoot!

Day 89

I take most of the pictures on this website with my iPhone, which has the uncanny ability to do well in low light conditions. But sometimes the mood is right to use my real camera and that is what I did earlier this week. Here are some of my favourite visual ‘cat-stories’…. Enjoy!

I see something! (Stipke)

Stipke wakes up from a nap and is certain she sees something … the ceiling?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…. (Sipke)

Maternal strategies

Overseeing things without being physically close to the kittens…
Wait until the kittens are asleep and then sneak out for a solo nap (back when the family was still crated at night but allowed free reign of the room during the day)

Mitsy’s twin evasion strategy… (often fails)