I touched some of the kittens!

Day 12

This morning was Wim’s first time feeding with the front door open. It was easy and he said that Mitsy stayed in the Nest, did not hiss and looked quite friendly. Of course she is always on alert when we come, but food is her primary motivator to let us in. She started eating before Wim had left the basement, so that was good.

I went downstairs after getting up when I saw she was in the Nest and took the opportunity to change the litter box. Another big smelly surprise in it, yuc. Must be all of that kitten excrement that she is eating. Can you imagine doing that as the new mom of a human baby… I think not!

Most of the morning she was in front of Nest with nearly all of her brood. Feeding and napping. At some point Mitsy was in the Nest and all of the kittens were still out and it looked like a nice scene to photograph. It ended up being a procession of the kittens, all of them now with their eyes open. One still has one eye ajar, I hope it will open by itself. It was a delightful scene. And…. I touched some of the kittens! Mom was watching the whole time and I kept a good eye on her, but even when she saw me stick my finger in Basement to fondle the kittens a little bit, she allowed it. I got some lovely footage! The kittens look good, they are lively, curious and for sure starting to see. They react to sounds and when I switched the studio light on, they definitely reacted. The big black kitten looks like a little bear!