Visiting Pumba and Kabiri at the Adoption Centre

Day 90

The 3-way play-tunnel-toy we bought for the feline family when they moved to the upstairs cat room, has had a lot to endure. The poor thing is marked by many little claws and teeth and the metal wiring that keeps it upright is now sticking out of the seams. There are holes everywhere. Not good for the twins that still play in and around it like whirlwinds. I wanted to replace it. So today I found that the only store that sells it is the Pet Smart. And that happens to be where the Ninth Life Cat Rescue Adoption Centre is…

Today I felt the courage to go there and renew the tunnel, which still is an integral part of play for the twins and Mitsy and at the same time I was going to sneak a peak at the Adoption Centre at Oakville Place to see if ‘our’ kittens were visible in their condo. Now that Cheetah and Spooky have left, it is just the boys, Pumba and Kabiri. Which means they have only half the space they had before. Still a good size, but less places to hide from the public.

First I walked the aisles to find what I came for and then I went to the Adoption Centre. I saw one of the volunteers was there and she was kind enough to let me come in, since I am a volunteer too, and have a meet-and-greet with Pumba and Kabiri. It was lovely to see them again and oh my, Pumba is really getting big! Much bigger than the twins at home. Kabiri also gained weight, but he is still more delicately built. Hard to imagine that it is not even 2 weeks ago since they lived in our house… Both were extremely vocal and the volunteer said that is how they are as soon as the volunteers come in to let them out of their condo’s to play with all of the other cats that are there. I missed that part, but no bother, I just had eyes for ‘my little fillies’ anyhow.

Big Pumba
Delicate Kabiri

I don’t think they recognised me. They did instantly come to the condo door though, when I called them by name. A foster’s heart wants to believe that there is some kind of recognition and I am allowed that illusion for a few minutes, right? Pumba was the first to come out into my arms and I cuddled him a bit and he started purring and stopped crying out. Of course, he was not pleased when I put him back and took Kabiri in my arms next. He felt as slight as always and his eyes were a bit teary, probably from the air conditioning. When I put them both back, they ended up in their bed together and fell asleep at the store side of their condo. And I had to go back home without them…

A lady who was shopping there asked if meet-and-greet sessions are still possible in Covid. I found out that if anyone is interested in adoption, they can apply and when their application is approved, they can in fact do that. Go to the Adoption Centre (by appointment only) and meet the available cats. So if you are interested in cuddling and playing with Pumba and Kabiri, enter that application and go out there to meet them! Do I sound like I am trying to sell you on my two little babies? Well…. I guess I am! I apologise… Every ‘mom’ wants her kids to be happy, right?