Want to get involved and help?

Getting involved with a cat rescue organisation does not necessarily have to be about temporarily taking one or more cats, pregnant or otherwise, into you home. There is always a need for helping hands in Adoption Centres all around the province or wherever you are.

Practical things like transporting cats between locations or bringing them to a vet plays an important role in the volunteer work. Helping when an organised trapping is happening for a TNR project (Trap, Neuter, Return).

Maybe you have special skills that rescue organisations can benefit from. If you are good with building things, you might be able to help create winter shelters.

Or maybe you can donate food- and care-items such as carriers, beds, food, bowls and that kind of stuff.

The City of Toronto has a veritable army of volunteers who feed, trap, spay/neuter ferals and strays, maintain (feed, supervise, clean) colonies and make sure the cats-without-a-home have shelter during the winter. There is a lot that you can put your energy and love into, in the sure knowledge that your help goes to a fabulous purpose. If you feel so called, go online and visit the Pet Smart website to find out more about their upcoming Adoption Event next week. And connect with the Ninth Life Cat Rescue Ontario group (or similar) to see where your valuable help is needed most. Below is a link to the Pet Smart Adoption week event (I took the above picture from their website).

On behalf of all volunteers and rescue organisation we thank you for your cooperation!

Pet Smart Adoption Week