Mitsy explores the cat tree

Day 48

Today the cats were out of the crates the whole day. I looked in on them regularly but left them to their own devices as well. When I see (or smell…) there is poop, I will clean it up asap. I only added food 3 times per day, so not all of my visits are food related anymore. Morning and night they get the good stuff for kittens and mothers. Lunchtime is a variety of cheaper Purina good, so that we don’t make them into spoiled brats that only like one type of food, that might be too expensive for their new owners.

We both had a busy day today, and it was good to be able to keep an eye on everyone with the new room cat cam. Not every single corner is visible, but it gives us a general impression of the status quo. The kittens still go nuts while playing but there are also longer periods of time where they find a place to nap individually. Some of them stay in the crates to sleep, others have discovered the new cat beds and other odds and ends that provide a good nap location. It was really nice to see Mitsy climb the cat tree. Wim thought that there was a kitten at the top level, but when I looked at the footage I was surprised to see it was actually Mitsy! Wow. We had pinned her as a ground dweller, and I think she mostly is, but apparently that fabulous cat tree was enough of a temptation to do some serious climbing. Yay!

The kittens love that thing a lot too, it certainly keeps them busy.

Mitsy also decided to sit on the Ottoman and look through the window. That really warms my heart. We are still having crazy hot weather so I am not sure she can do that this afternoon, I am planning to block the window to keep the temp in the room as low as possible. It still can go up to 28, although I have the impression that it is not as hot as the first few days. We have a fan on the vent. I also have a fan on the landing, that blows underneath the door. It seems under control. I don’t want to jinx it, but up to now, nobody has taken a ‘liking’ to the window with the blocked off screen. If Mitsy has never lived inside before, she might not even be aware of what a screen is. It would please me if she never finds out about it so that the screen will not be damaged. We still keep the window closed, unless we are in the room, and often it is no use opening it anyway, because it is hotter outside than inside.