Wim got pawed…

Day 33

Wim got caught out this morning. The whole family was in the Ensuite when he needed to get in for food and cleaning. Mitsy looked to be in good place, so he did her food first. Then waiting until she was done, did the water from the other end, and then waited again. Then he wanted to do the litter but she was still in the Ensuite and he decided to stick out his hand to her. Quietly, but she did not appreciate it and pawed him. No claws, but enough to make him retreat and get out of the way.

When you do not know a cat from its very first weeks, it can be hard to assess the look on their face as an adult. I never took pause when I handled my domestic cats that started to live with me when they were still kittens. I knew them through and through. Handling Mitsy, if that is even the correct experssion at this point, requires a bit more patience. Depending on the circumstances this may be Mitsy in a mellow mood, or Mitsy getting ready to lash out. Which is why we have to always be cautious, with as little hesitation as possible and as much intent as we can muster.

On the cat cam I saw that she has settled down in Basecamp around 8am so I decided to do the litter box myself.

It went fine, no sign of annoyance.