Day 60

Today is a tough one for me. 3 Years ago, this date was the day I had to decide to let my little Dixie go. My companion of 20 years, born in Australia, traveled to Europe, Bermuda, the US and Canada with me.

I still miss her. And I still have new tears for her.

After she passed, I managed to create one painting of her, based on one of my favourite photographs of her. Taken with wide-angle and not really showing how small she really was. I signed it with the paw print I got from the crematorium. Puts it in perspective. Unbelievable how tiny she really was. After that painting my canvas stayed empty for a long, long time. Tomorrow is the day of her death. As loving and caring as all the people involved in that horrible moment were to me, no one could really comfort me. I look at the small cedar box that contains her ashes and a clipping of her coat, and all I can do is hope that those stories about the Rainbow Bridge are true so that I may see her again, when it is my time to go. Rest-in-peace, Dixie!

Dixie’s painting on our wall. The one time the sun hit it just right, it felt like she was saying ‘Hi!’
This is what I saw on my WordPress page when I published this post. I wish that were true…