Oh the horror of cleaning day…

Day 67

Today I had to make some adjustments to the room, in particular to add some protection to our electrical outlets. The kittens sometimes bump into cables, causing the plugs to loosen. We are contemplating leaving them out of the crates at night and for that to be safe, we needed to make extra sure that there is minimum risk of causing havoc with the cables of the fan and the cameras. Not sure tonight will be the night, but it will be soon. In the morning they are really eager to get into the room and out of the crates and we think that they are now familiar enough with the room to know where there are cozy sleeping places. I wonder what the room will look like in the morning when we give them full access at night…

After I was done, it was time to clean the inside of the crates and I then also wanted to vacuum the floor. Never a quiet moment!

To announce my intentions, I first left the stick part and vacuum foot in the room, so everyone could sniff it.

Then I did a pretend vacuum without switching on the machine. And then the final part: doing a real cleanup. O boy, that remains something that none of them likes, including mom. When I did this the first time, a couple of weeks ago, mom was hissing and coming at the vacuum foot. But this time she just quickly retreated onto the window sill and it did not take the little ones long to join her there.

Afterwards, everybody got a treat by way of reward and the kittens stayed in the windowsill for a family portrait! Mom had sought refuge under a chair, but also gratefully accepted her treat and that was the end of that!

Left to right: Spooky, Kabiri, Sipke, Cheetah, Pumba and Stipke