Mellow Mitsy

Day 54

Mitsy is particularly mellow these days, letting us touch her and headbutting us, when we come in with food. But even without food she is less fearful and greets us with her tail in the air, a good sign of confidence and affinity. It warms our heart. How far we have come within six months!

Wim after serving breakfast. Mitsy is in the lower left corner and not only is Wim allowed to pet her on the back, she also rewards him with a headbutt for all the goodies he brought. We are really happy the camera just caught it! These days, we use the cameras to be able to locate the cats and see where they are at before we open the door. But they also sometimes capture endearing moments that we could not have recorded ourselves. Yay! Happy happy!

I made some changes to the room again to give her a better position to lie down and still look out of the window. The initial chaos that this causes no longer makes her insecure. She just keeps her distance, observes it all and when I am done and offer her a treat, she is starting to respond when I call her: “Mitsy, come!” Today she even had the courage to go into the play tunnel of the kittens. Probably more to stay out of the way of their Formula 1 race activity than to play.

However… I have put some Google Blink cameras on the floor and at the window now, to see things from a cat-perspective and it gives me great joy to see her participate in play with the kittens. Sometimes we refer to them as ‘little fillies’ because they so remind me of new horses that go into pasture for the first time. Jumping and running, standing on their back legs, all of that. Sometimes we call them ‘the puppies’ because they come padding towards us when we enter the room. Their feet are still much too big for their general size. It does not necessarily mean that they will become tall cats: one of Mitsy’s unique features are her big feet. It looks as if she could have been a much bigger cat as well, they look like tiger paws on such a dainty little creature.

I regularly take some time to just be with them in the room, as opposed to always coming in with a mission, be it bringing food or rearranging or cleaning something. I made a selfie yesterday that shows how the two old ladies in the room (Mitsy and I…) are just lounging and partaking in idle nothingless. Mitsy has the choice to come close to us or to retreat anywhere in the room and we consider it a compliment that she does not go into hiding from us.

Two old ladies lounging alongside each other…
Mitsy strategically positioned in the centre of the kitten’s play tunnel…