A fun play day

Day 44

It is weekend and I am finding I am quite pooped. Mostly in my head. Have a hard time concentrating. Weird, because there is no stress to be expected the coming weeks. The second and last part of our project. It is probably all that adrenaline in my blood and the fear I have held onto about this project. There are still many unknowns: are we going to adopt the kittens out directly from our home, or are they to go to another foster first – that is just one of them. And then of course Mitsy herself. Anyway. Looking ahead too far again and making myself nervous!

This morning, we let Mitsy out again. It was much better prepared and I was ready to sit there for quite some time. Wim was present as well. But Mitsy came out and stayed close to the crate this time. I had managed to close the door, so the kittens stayed inside, and Wim was distracting most of them. Not Pumba, who was most displeased for not being allowed to come out. It was a peaceful ten minutes. Mitsy played sfinx. She was lying next to me. Not interested in play and even a bit worried about the feathertoy. I think she only plays when she is totally at ease. And there are plenty of new things right now to keep her busy. There was no hissing. She took a short walk around the crates, starting in the corner where she felt ill at ease yesterday. I had freed up some space, so that she can actually take a walk around the crates. But Wim was sitting at that end and she turned around. And then clearly wanted to return to the crate. So we did that. No big drama. All quiet. We will probably repeat the exercise in the afternoon.

For now, it is Wim’s turn to keep an eye on all of them so I can take some time off. Not sure what to do with it because it is so hot outside. I might just drive the car somewhere and do some light errands. Or take the bike after all. I don’t have to go for an hour. Just get my head cleared.

I went to run an errand on the bike and had a nice little outing but it was so hot out there! Cloudy but muggy. Almost back at home I got some splatters of rain, but nothing came of it. This heat is here to stay for another week. I am getting fed up with it. Not even because of the heat. But because the cat room getting so hot if we do not run the AC very cold in the rest of the house. Which means the downstairs is frigid and I don’t do well with frigid. Thank God this is temporary. By the time the cats are gone, we probably won’t even need AC anymore. We will be heading into fall.

This afternoon we let the crazies out again and it was great fun. Mitsy was out as well and watched lazily as the kids played. And play they did. Within the hour however, she had enough and she literally called them back in. It did not take long for most kittens to lie with her and rest and after that they slept for hours! And probably grew an inch as well…

Playing is exhausting, that is what Kabiri is depicting here. No way those eyes could stay open one moment longer…

I took over the evening feeding duty and was busier with putting kittens back into the crate than with the actual feeding. Wim did the cleanup which is nice, because I have pulled a muscle in my back and am in quite a bit of pain. It makes a big difference that I don’t have to lug the dirty litterboxes and food bowls up and down the stairs. I gave the ensuite new puppy pads underneath, as they were quite soiled. That will probably become the routine: every four days clean out the crates.

It was a fun play day!

Below are some video impressions. Sound has been switched off so you can concentrate on the cats instead on us subtitling everything that is going on 🙂