Taking care of momma…

Day 57

Having 6 healthy kittens is not easy on Momma, especially not when they are 8 weeks old. That is how long ago it is today that we first saw the new litter Mitsy brought to the world. She is doing an awesome job as mother, I think. She is extremely tolerant, feeds and cleans them as needed, cuddles them and plays with them. What more can a kitten want from the world, right? For momma this can be exhausting. OK, she is no longer living outside and she does not have to hunt for food. But keeping the milk flowing takes up almost all of her energy and whenever she can, like in this picture, she will sneak in a big nap after feeding time. We wish her sweet dreams!

I am happy to see that the kittens are not ungrateful for her love and care. In the first short video you can see how she is being followed around by her kittens. Sometimes, when we play with them, she looks relieved to be able to take a nap without being bothered. She can sink into deep sleep just like that and we take care of business for a while.

The kittens also take care of her. In their own way. By head butting her and by cleaning her face. And then checking the ‘udders’ again. It seems she still has 2 or 3 active teets so they make the most of that. The video is from a static camera and unedited. Isn’t is just the sweetest thing?

Night night!