The move is done!

Day 40

We moved the cat family up to the spare bedroom, woot woot. It took us 3 hours…. Much longer than we had anticipated but it is done!

Everybody looks happy after the move. Some kittens sleep off the excitement in and on the Nest carrier, the others enjoy some intimate moments with mom…

It went flawlessly for the cats. Not so much for us. The crates were not as heavy as I thought, but our plan to lift them up upright did not fly. The dimensions were just too massive to do it that way. We somehow managed to get the first one out to the main level. But the second got stuck on the first flight of stairs. We had to take a door off the hinges first to get out of the basement… Then we found out they do not fit through the door to the upstairs room. Argh. These crates do not look so big once they are set-up, but try to move them and you realise they are huge.

Note to self: take the time to ‘undress’ the crates so you can fold them up. Then it would have taken a lot less time and agony. 

The ‘finished product’: the crates set up in the room. They look as huge as they are. I fit in one of them quite easily… From now on looking after the cats will require me getting down on my knees… no sweat: I am already in awe of nature in how everything is developing, so I am on my knees regularly to give thanks!

The move: now or never

This morning when I looked at the cat cams Mitsy was always in the wrong crate. But at noon, just when Wim and I were downstairs, all of a sudden she went to the Ensuite, which is where I wanted her. So we bit the bullet and we did the move.

We lured Mitsy into the big airplane carrier with sardines. It took a bit of time, she wanted the fish, but she was a bit apprehensive about going into the carrier. It stood in Basecamp, with the opening towards the Ensuite. After putting it in place (Yay, it fit!), I walked around and enticed her to eat and then moved my hand into the carrier, where another bowl of fish was waiting. She went in. I resolutely shoved in two kittens behind her and closed and locked the door. She did not even notice! She just kept eating, with her tail to the door, so it was ideal. No chance of being bitten or scratched. Then I got the other kittens. Shoved them in their familiar Nest carrier and we ‘stored’ each carrier in another bedroom, just in case there would be cries. That way, they would not get panicked. Good thing Wim did a final check of the crate, because I had overlooked one of the kittens! Bad, bad foster mom!!

A smooth operation

Once I was finally done with redressing the crates after the hazardous move up two flights of stairs, I was trembling on my legs. My body hurt so much! I was so hungry! But food had to wait. I just drank a big glass of water…

First I went to get the kittens. No problems there. Then I let mom back out and she stormed out with a big audible hiss, but I was behind her, she did not even really see me. I had to pick out the two kittens that were with her by hand. Then closed the crate and sighed with relief. The worst was done and it went super smoothly.

I feel proud of Mitsy for being such a trooper and proud of myself because I think my socialisation process is sticking. It seems there is some real trust. Which makes me think ahead and muse that she will stay with us and that the kittens will be adopted out. I am fine with that. I love the kittens, but there is no bond there yet. Not really. I do feel a bond with Mitsy. But we will see. I am also incredibly proud of Wim. He was holding the heaviest part of the crates as we were going up those stairs. He said that I almost pushed him off at some point, when I had to let the crate rest on a step for a second. So thank you Universe, for not letting that happen!! Where would I be without my beloved husband? My fellow cat-lover…

Active kittens

Mitsy has already eaten and accepted a few treats from my hand and looks to be almost back to normal. The kittens are none the worse for wear. In fact, I think they must have studied their books while in the carriers, learning about jumping and climbing. I have not seen them this active! They ran up the towels that are between the two crate edges, they ran up the scratching pole, the Nest… they ran up everything! They slept, drank from momma and then the circus started again. O my. Good thing we did not let them loose in the room because we still have to think about some stuff. Like…. cables… placement of cameras and that kind of stuff. Must stick a post-it to the door reminding us to never leave without checking the locks and the window. All must be closed because 7 cats can wreak havoc!

Nervous pee

The only little mishap we had was that, when I was straightening the towels in the open green bed nest to the Nest, I found that Mitsy had peed in the bed. I think it was just from nerves. She had been in the carrier for 2 hours, probably. It was all a bit unexpected for us, the timing, just think about what it must have been like for her! The green bed was the first place she ran to after I released her and she stayed there for a bit while I was continuing to work on the room. It was the darkest spot, I had hung some towels over it on purpose. To make it feel safe. She has not been in there again, probably because she thinks it is wet. She is hanging out mostly in the Ensuite, although she let the kittens drink earlier lying in front of the Nest.

Anyway. I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight. The coming days will be easier to enjoy. Stepping into the room is a lot easier than going down to the Basement. It looks weirdly empty there now….

Wow, the basement looks so empty without the crates!