Mitsy engages in play for the first time!

Day 26

The day again starts quietly today. But at the end of the morning the kittens wake up and go exploring again. When I see 4 of them in the Ensuite, I decide to go and have a closer look. It ends up being a very nice opportunity to fondle the kittens and lift 3 of them up in my hand! I think I also made contact with Sipke…

I held her to my breast, outside of the crate, for a few seconds until she cried out once. I thought the fun was over then, but it was not. I enticed Mitsy to play! I have never seen her playful before, but this was the moment. I used one of the new stick toys and she really went for it. I used my phone on the new tripod to capture it and it came out wonderfully. It went on for almost half an hour! I am so happy! Play and food at the way to a cat’s heart!

After that, everybody was so tired, that everything was quiet until early evening. They all slept for 3 solid hours, mom on one of the clean litter boxes. I left them alone even though food was low. I went out for some shopping and when I came back I saw she had been on the litter box. I wanted to clean it: on the video it looked like Mitsy was with the kittens. But the cat cam must not have auto-updated, because when I went to the Basement she was in the soiled litter box. So I left. A bit later I saw her go to the litter box again, kittens came out for a bit, and I could see Mitsy was hungry. She had emptied both food bowls almost completely and now lounged in the Ensuite. But when I went down for a food refresh, she hissed at me. OK. So I left and came back later. No hissing will be rewarded unless it is my fault!

For a moment I thought she must be a mindreader, though! I was looking at the towels in Basecamp and had selected two clean ones to refresh them if she was lying on the litter box. But she ran into Basecamp when I arrived so… nothing got refreshed apart from food and litter. I rewarded her with a spooned treat because she did not hiss.