Juggling kittens and a bit of chaos

Day 58

This morning and this afternoon the nursery was nice and mellow and organised. This evening: not so much! I took over last rounds from Wim and clearly did not do well with his usual routine 🙂 We had a cat cam pointed to the window and decided we could have dinner while leaving it open (screens in place, of course) and keeping an eye on it from afar. It went really well, but about 30 minutes before regular crating time, all 7 cats went nuts!

Two ‘mugs’ in one picture. One just, well, being a big coffee mug. The other practicing his look of innocence… 🙂 Maybe we should retake this picture in a week, to see how much bigger Kabiri has gotten! He is an absolute gentle sweetheart, this one. The N on the mug must be for Naughty!

Seen from the room overview camera, it looked as if the circus came to town. Mitsy participated in crazy play, the kittens flew from one corner of the room to the other and we were watching it all in amazement. One of the things that may have helped to set it off was the kitchen towel roll, that I forgot to take out of the room…. the roll is no more…

I truly think that we have witnessed another growth spurt as well. Four of the six look decidedly bigger, higher on their legs today and I even think that Mitsy might have gained a few millimeters… It is possible that she is so joyous and free because her milk is drying up. We still see the odd kitten suckle, but no longer for any length of time and Mitsy often gets up and leaves. With no more constant suckling going on, her energy levels must be getting higher. We might have thought we have our hands full already right now, but the next level is right around the corner, methinks…

With all of this liveliness going on, it was chaos to get them settled for the night. But I did it! I even managed to ‘catch’ a fresh poo that mom dropped right when I was ready to leave, so that means less stink in the room tonight. They all got their food, but I have to ‘up my game’ if I am to do this again tomorrow…. I promise I will do better next time!

Mellow Mitsy – she actually now comes to the door, tail in the air, when we enter, and we can both pet her on her back and in her neck. Yay! Despite the chaos tonight, she stayed in that zone and we are so grateful for whatever it is we are doing right!