Rollercoaster of activity

Day 24

What starts out as a quiet day and leave Mitsy alone for a bit… turns out to be a roller coaster in the evening. The kittens are incredibly active! I think this means they are now starting to focus and see all sorts of things.

Which resulted in several of them climbing the Nest! The first one did it right under my eyes as I was ‘baby-talking’ to one of the blacks, I think Pumba, in the Basecamp and I did not even notice it happening! When I looked up, OH!, I saw one of the tabbies on top of the Nest! I was unable to get Mitsy to see it. No idea if she was aware. I ended up opening Basecamp and taking the kitten down next to Mitsy….

A couple of hours later, there was a new wave of activity and… 2 kittens now climbed up. Mitsy saw it and was up there as well at some point. One fell off, the other climbed/glided down reasonably well, but later there was another tabby up there and he decided to climb down the front… it creeps me out because I am so afraid kittens will get hurt. But he actually got down pretty nicely.