Is this still a blog without daily postings?

January 14, 2022

Maybe not… Things are going very well in cat-land. I think it is safe to say that Mitsy has made the cross-over from feral to house cat. She is proving to be a very sweet and intelligent little cat, that enjoys the indoor life to the fullest. She plays with her toys, does her best to get closer to Suzi by playing with her and approaching her with respect. She has sat in both of our laps, albeit never long, and tonight she spent an hour between us on the couch, sleeping deeply. We are in awe of this little creature that chooses to live with us!

So… I will probably not be writing much in the time to come, unless I get some especially nice pictures of the felines and their humans. It has not helped that my brand new computer decided to crash a couple of weeks ago. I am working on my spare machine and it has less space to download photos. It ate up a lot of my time. We had it repaired, thank God it was still under warranty. I just got it back and that means more time eaten up by re-installing software, on top of busy work days. This new year has started off busy! And soon we will participate in a workshop about socializing feral cats in our area: I will report back about that for sure…

Looking back, I feel humbled by the many blessings bestowed on us through this project. We have been so lucky that Mitsy selected our yard: there were many to choose from in the overpopulated area where we live in the Greater Toronto Area. Things could not have worked out better than they have. Which is fabulous, considering that this will be the year of my 23rd house move… Not looking forward to that, but now at least I know that Mitsy will be okay, even when we move. She will be with us, we are familiar, and she has calmed down so much already. It will probably have something to do with the effects of the spaying. I have been told that it takes 2-6 months for the hormones to leave her body. I think we can see that happening now. She still loves to ‘exercise’, especially running up and down the stairs with her bouncing balls. But she is less active than before and her activity comes in shorter spurts. So now we have to start keeping an eye on her weight! That is definitely something new! She looks like almost twice the size of Suzi in the picture below 🙂

Mitsy has nodded off and this is a good moment for Suzi to look her over, from the safety of Wim’s lap… Suzi is getting more active and freaks out less and less when Mitsy tries to get close to her. We have seen them nose to nose and tonight Mitsy made another effort to lick Suzi. She still does not know what to do with it, and withdraws. I guess what we are hoping for is see them sleep together. We can see it in the future and we will post pictures when it happens!

Feel free to connect with the felines at if you feel like reaching out. We will see you when there are more socialization milestones to report or new pictures to share. Thanks for following us!