An early Christmas present! Pumba and Kabiri in their new home!

December 22, 2021

We got an early Christmas present just before Christmas Eve: the sweet people who adopted our two boys, Pumba and Kabiri, sent us pictures! Has it really been 3 months since they moved to the Adoption Center? They are almost 6 months old now. It feels like we saw them being born yesterday… Wow!

We were absolutely over the moon! They look so beautiful and happy! They take after their Dad, who was pretty big, and Kabiri has for sure inherited his bushy tail. They seem to have inherited playing with towels from their mom. The nursery was covered in towels so that it was easy to refresh their crate and later cat room. They became the favourite toy to hide and hunt balls and other toys under and to this very day Mitsy plays hide and seek in them with her mouse and wand toys…

We were told that Kabiri is the same sweet boy we saw in him when he was little. And Pumba still loves to get up close and personal when give the chance. It is lovely to see the brothers together like this! We are looking forward to seeing them as adult cats… One tall, long and lanky, the other more delicate and full of loving fluff!

This was our first time fostering in the current setup: a presumed feral cat, very pregnant, with an unpredictable outcome after the trapping was completed. For some reason we had developed a bond with her, even though she only came by our house for food and rest. We never touched or got physically close to Mitsy. Part of the venture was a bit of a gamble. Would she let us approach her kittens, would she even tolerate being inside after being trapped… Our primary objective at the time was to give her kittens as good a chance of a healthy and happy life as possible. Mitsy got good food from us, outdoor and indoor, and the kittens did not have to endure any trauma, if you forget about the necessary vet visits. They were playful, curious and uncomplicated kittens. And that is what we see in their eyes in their new homes. There is no better reward for a foster than seeing this. It makes up for the many times we were nervous and insecure and it even makes up for the heartache of the goodbyes. Our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude! Thank you, new family, for sharing pictures and stories about them. We know they are your boys now, but they will always have a special place in our hearts!