Feline processing power

August 2021

Mitsy discovers the window bench and enjoys the view

What a wonderful moment to catch on one of the cameras in the cat room. Mitsy discovers the window and enjoys the view. She has been eying the Ottomans and the bench for a couple of days now. And this was D-Day, when she jumped and suddenly owned the space. She watches the children as they walk by on their way to school and back. She wathes the cars, people walking dogs. And nothing in her behaviour suggests that she misses the outdoors.

Whenever we play with the kittens (which is often!) Mitsy takes the opportunity to take a nap. You would think that she is not aware of what is going on in the room when that happens. But nothing escapes her and it explains where the term ‘cat nap’ comes from. One look at her ears and her nose bring proof of the fact that her senses stay active, even while catching a few zzzz’s

A stolen nap in the (clean!) litterbox. Ears alert…

Whatever interaction we have with the kittens, it enters her brain and she processes all of it. She sees us fondle the kittens. She hears us talk to them. She follows all play, that is going on and we find her watching us regularly. She answers our slow-blinks regularly now. She wraps her body around our legs at mealtime. But she otherwise still shies away from touch. But we can see the braincells working inside that cute little head. She is thinking things over continuously!

This is the ‘thinking it over’ look we see regularly. She is working on another milestone…