Feeling unsettled… and then: happy again!

April 10, 2023

Two weeks have passed since we moved house. A lot of the boxes in the living area have been unpacked and I have allowed myself some exploratory drives to enjoy many new and oh so quiet vistas. Still, I was going from high highs to low lows, and feeling particularly unsettled tonight.

My models are patiently waiting for me to pick up my brushes…

And then it hit me. I missed my studio.That personal space where I could just follow my creative instincts without worrying about anything but shape, colour and design. So we brought some of the essentials from the garage to my new studio room.

It was time.

Up until now the room was our cats’ basecamp. Their safe space to the new house. They lived there for a good week before we opened the door and in the beginning they still slept there at night. But the past few nights they slept in the living room, in their accustomed IKEA chairs in a shielded spot, without keeping us awake, so that means: I get my studio back. Well, not exactly back. I still share some of it with our feline companions, but that is fine. Cat company is good company. But I get to decide where I put my easles and my supplies in a room with northern exposure through a big window.

It will probably still be a little until I put brush to canvas. But it is amazing how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am no longer feeling unsettled. I am looking forward to the rest of the week when I will be setting up my creative space. I am excited!

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