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December 20, 2022

We are ALMOST at the time of the year when the days (finally) start getting longer again. I know it is going to be a long 5-month wait before we get back to warm weather, but I have to say: I cannot wait! While I am soldiering through the frigid gloominess of the monochrome Canadian winter, I find solace in my studio and paintings. I now have a project that will be pretty calculated and you are invited to share your suggestions for the subject matter…

Left: the front of the window frame, right the canvas with the plotted open spaces.
Total frame size: roughly 24″ / 32″.

On the photograph above you see, at the left, the last of an old barn-window, that my framing lady had on offer. It hung in her workspace for the longest time and my eyes were drawn to it more and more during each visit. Today I picked it up and in my studio drew the outlines on a new, blank canvas. And what now?

I am curious to know what everyone thinks will fit this three part window frame the best. My framing lady interprets this as a window looking out. So she would quite naturally expect a landscape or some other detail from the outside world.

The funny thing is, that my own mind goes in the opposite direction. I envision looking into a house through the window, with someone / something sitting at the window. Maybe I am just a peeping Tom at heart… 🙂

I am thinking of an elderly person, staring out, with a bit of sadness. Or a happy child, waving or playing on the window sill. I can also see how this could work with a couple of cats. Or even house-ghosts or mannequins, to take a more sinister approach. I don’t do a lot of abstract work, but that might still be an option as well, although it will probably not be my preference.

I tend to think of this as a single canvas piece at the moment, but this could also be interpreted as a 3-piece work. Different stages of the same thing on 3 different smaller canvases. Seasons. Or a view of a barn seen from afar, an inside look and an outside view.

The idea is to create the art on a large mounted canvas, that will then be disassembled with the canvas attached to a hard background board. I often work with canvas pads that need such a board.

I invite you to share your own thoughts with me. And who knows, your idea might make it onto my canvas! Use the comments or let me know via my Facebook page at Nicky Decorte’s Art. All suggestions welcome!

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